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Developing Postdoc Guidelines at HHU

Structuring and improving the qualification and working conditions for postdocs by the joint development of Postdoc Guidelines at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

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Vote on Guidelines

Following the first participation phase a board consisting of representatives of HHUs’ faculty (JUNO Board) and a group of postdocs legitimized by the Academic Midlevel faculty representatives has discussed and integrated the comments of the first participation phase. The thereby consolidated paragraphs can now be voted for and commented on again in this second phase of the participation process, which will last three weeks.

Participation is not possible at the moment. It ended on .
Voting Phase
Please vote for the thesis to stay or to be deleted from the suggested guidelines by clicking „︿" (keep) or „﹀“ (neglect). The majority vote decides. You can still comment on the revised postdoc guidelines.

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    Vote on Measures

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